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Lower Electric Bills By Avoiding Peak Usage Fees With Top Dallas Electrician, ElectricMan Inc.

Lower Electric BillsYou may not be aware, but you can have Lower Electric Bills by changing how and when you use electricity during times that the electric company considers “peak demand” or “peak usage” hours.  Electric companies have been initiating peak usage fees for some time now, essentially charging customers more to use electricity when the demand is higher.  This is usually when more people are at home and actively operating appliances, for instance, during a hot summer month when everyone’s air conditioning is running, or around dinner time when TV’s and ovens are working along with the air conditioners. This allows the electric company to make more profit and increase revenues when most people can’t help but use more electricity as a part of their daily life. Luckily, licensed Top Dallas Electrician, ElectricMan Inc. can offer a way to avoid these charges, and Lower Electric Bills by making sure that you are using the least amount of electric company power as possible during peak times.

An Indoor Generator is a unique solution that allows you to store power, either from your power grid when it is cheaper, or utilizing other renewable energy sources, and decide when you want to use it. This highly intelligent equipment allows you to program when and where you get your electricity, providing incredible independence and capabilities for Lower Electric Bills.

Take this as an example.  One local electric company uses a general rule of enforcing peak usage fees between 4pm and 8pm, so programming your system to use power stored during off peak hours at these times will allow you to stop paying these peak usage fees, and only pay the standard rate for electricity during normal usage hours.  This is a far more effective solution, since it is impractical for most home owners to change their schedule and stop using power during these times.

Once you have an Indoor Generator system in place and programmed, the system will automatically switch to your stored power during the times that you have chosen, leaving you worry free about when you are using your electricity!

For more energy saving tips on how to Lower Electric Bills,  information on an Indoor Generator for your home, or any other services provided by Top Dallas Electrician, ElectricMan Inc. visit our website at www.electricmaninc.com, or give us a call at 972-792-7270 to talk about how we can help!

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